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Carpet FAQs

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Carpets: Frequently asked questions

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Why is good underlay important?

Underlay is normally made of cellular or crumb rubber compounds but can also be made of felt or other mixed fibres. As the name suggests, it is laid underneath your carpet. Its purpose is to give comfort underfoot and it will also help to prevent wear on your carpet.

Underlay also provides insulation against sound, moisture and heat. Some manufacturers claim that their underlay can prolong the life of a carpet by up to 40%.

Generally, the better quality the underlay, the more luxurious the carpet will feel underfoot. So it is well worth the investment. Re-using underlay is not recommended as it can result on premature wear to your new carpet.

How can I prepare the room for my new carpet?

We want your fitting process to be as smooth as possible. Some things you can do to help the installation include:

How do I deal with spills?

Instant treatment means you stand the best chance or removing the stain but always blot and never rub.

See the Carpet First Retail Group’s tips on dealing with stains.

How often should I clean my carpets?

This will of course depend on the type of carpet and how much use it gets. Regular vacuuming is recommended and new carpets should be vacuumed straight away. Read more about vacuuming carpets.