How To Care For Your Amtico LVT Floor

Amtico Floor Care products

Amtico luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a durable, low maintenance flooring product. However regular care will help keep your new Amtico floor looking its best. Here are some practical tips and product suggestions to help you care for your Amtico floor.

Newly Laid Amtico Floors

Once your new Amtico floor has been fitted, leave it for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive to dry. During this time do not wash the floor and, if possible, avoid replacing your furniture.

Any traces of adhesive can often be removed using Amtico Stripper, available from Denis Parkinson Carpets.

Move your furniture onto your new Amtico floor by lifting carefully into place, rather than dragging across the surface. If possible, apply felt pads to the feet of moveable furniture like tables and chairs. This helps reduce the risk of scratching. Or use furniture or castor cups to help spread the load of heavier items to avoid indentation.

Protect the floor when moving heavy items such as washing machines or fridges. If other trades are working in the area, put down thin sheets of hardboard or similar.

Amtico mats (or other matting compatible with PVC flooring) can be used near doorways to reduce the chance of dirt and grit being walked in. However avoid contact with rubber e.g. mats or on furniture.

Maintaining Your Amtico Floor

Amtico recommend regular removal of dust and dirt using a soft brush and weekly damp mopping, using Amtico Maintainer (available from Denis Parkinson Carpets). Do not use steam cleaners.

Wipe up spillages immediately using clean, absorbent cloth or paper towels. Then clean the area using Amtico Spillage Remover to make sure any traces of grease, which could make the floor slippery, no longer remain.

Light scuffs can be removed using the Spill Remover product applied with Amtico cleaning pads or non abrasive pads.

Older floors can be stripped with Amtico Stripper and then restored (and new floors protected) using Amtico Dressing.

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